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Hello. I hope you’re having a great day. In this post, we will be talking about The OLSP system and its vast variety of products that are from its own affiliate network that is inside OLSP and Traffic Domination. These products are aptly named TD Products.


Here is a write up from the video here in the post that explains more.


TD products are amazing. We create a lot of our own products that help people in their journey it gives them traffic hacks and gives them tons and tons of different ways of earning.


So the way this works is let’s have a look at TD products and go to our products someone comes in and says,” I want to learn AdWords for example, they can purchase the course on AdWords and get trained up.


I have spent just over two million dollars on Adwords and you can go to info or the person who brings it in info get access and they purchase this product they purchase this you get a commission.


This is exactly how it works when someone buys it these are immense products this product has done well over a hundred thousand dollars in sales so again


You can buy these products. Other people – in your downline – come in buy these products… we actually have another one being added in about 10 days so these are being updated all the time also this is one way you can earn commissions. It is also one way you can learn extra things on top of our free training.


The perfect example is Traffic Nemesis which is our flagship product. This one is one of our best products This product here basically shows you it gives you a blueprint on how to get endless organic traffic without spending any money. This works over and over again it’s worked for years I’ve been doing it and it’s fantastic


So if there’s one product I suggest people do buy it is in fact Traffic Nemesis. All of them are great. We have one about youtube, about AdWords, email marketing, and one is all about organic free traffic


It’s absolutely fantastic obviously I would say that. Y can just go through the training and think, “I want to take this to the next level. This product looks good. I’ll buy Traffic Nemesis, it looks good I’m going to buy that because people are telling me how fantastic it is.


Your downline will do the same.


Next is traffic. Let’s say you want to buy traffic if your downline purchases traffic, guess what? You get commissions! This traffic is amazing. You’ll learn how to use it in the free list building course too.


You can buy traffic to any biz op you can actually look at this traffic as well we’ve got training coming soon on how you can add this as an income stream.


We’re building more and more and more income streams for you so you can learn to sell traffic. So you can see Traffic Nemesis is amazing it’s an awesome product – a lot of people have bought it.


If someone comes through and they don’t buy anything, not a problem we’re still helping them, and if they buy stuff then brilliant! You make a commission!


We’ve got training coming, to see how you can add this income stream it’s going to be free training on how to add this income stream. If you wonder what the hell traffic is. I have sold millions upon millions upon millions of dollars worth of traffic we’re going to train you how to do it for free! And that’s coming later on. So that’s the entire TD products.


Thanks for reading this blog post. I hope you understand how valuable this can be for you. If you feel it will be, you can start by clicking the link here.


Until we speak again, have a good night!


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