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Hey, my friend. Today’s blog post will be covering a new free marketing training platform called OLSP. Inside this is a unique affiliate network called TD network. Which is its own affiliate network.


If you don’t know what an affiliate network is let me explain it. Basically, if you have ever heard of warrior plus or Clickbank you know these networks have products on them that are for sale and you take a commission. That is an affiliate network.


Here in OLSP we have our own affiliate network because a lot of the time the other affiliate networks and products are hard to get into. Trust me, when you’re new they’re impossible to get into.


A lot of them certain products you want to promote-warrior plus is a perfect example- they’ve got fantastic offers  that convert but you just can’t  get to sell that product well we get hold on we put inside our network 


So we cut out a lot of that hassle with that. So we’ve got our own network TD Network that you have access to through contacts with top product creators.


We’ve got training replays, The TD links, and the commission generator. This is fantastic you’re going to love this commissions and traffic toolbox. So let’s have a look at the training replays- we do all the time you can see we’ve done lots of live trainings and you can always come in here and see the replays.


If someone in your downline comes through and one of these training has an offer at the end or sells something and they buy it you actually make a commission!


So these training- some of them, for example, the product Money For Everyone was a fantastic way of getting traffic that no one else does. Click Domination was teaching people how to do Adwords then give them some shortcuts and you get a commission if they buy anything on these live trainings.


We do have normally three two four live training a week we try and do at least three sometimes we don’t but we try and do these all the time   as often as we can like Monday  Wednesday Saturday is normal


so tonight we’re done one on a Tuesday this is what it looks like that you’ve now seen now TDlinks this is how you promote. You can promote our products outside or sp and that’s what these links are  now the way these works I’m going to explain  because it’s brilliant


Let’s say I want to promote Click Domination use that link it’s also a mega link so you promote that and someone says, “Hey you got an AdWords course!” That’s what you promote if you promote this you give them that link and they buy Click Domination.


Once they buy click domination then they have to come to our site to access their product  so they and purchase click domination you get a commission for selling click domination


See you’ve dropped your mega link they come in here they go to Click Domination which is all here we actually have extra bonuses in there or they buy anything… VIP for example, if your downline buys anything they access it through their product access area.


That means, if they’ve come from outside of OLSP we also drop your mega link on them at the same time which means when they come to their product it makes them curious and they look at all our training and then they go for everything and becoming your downline!


That’s the way it works that is the magic of the system you earn a commission and you bring him to the product access area where you earn commissions on everything in the future everything we do for you from there on in you earn from


Which is awesome! No one else does this!  It is fantastic when you get used to the system and you apply this training and all the training we give you there’s nothing else like it now when you put all this together  


When you just just do follow-ups or you just do lives like I do a lot of lives and we actually had at Christmas 330 people on a live it’s an insane number and but on their own, they’re not effective.  Follow-ups on their own aren’t that effective. Webinars on their own aren’t that effective. Advertising Facebook ads ad words on its own isn’t that effective.


But when you put all of this together plus more you get this entire marketing ecosystem working behind you that’s highly effective!


Trust me this is what we’ve built – we’ve built an entire ecosystem!


The trouble with that is if you start yourself it costs tens of thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands to build out an ecosystem like this. Trust me, I’ve invested millions into my business,  and it takes a lot of time it’s sometimes months sometimes years to produce something like this.


Most people give up before they’ve done it. We’ve made this  and you  are sharing in our success that’s exactly what we’ve done for you.


SO that is TD Network which is the OLSP own affiliate network. If you see the value in this feel free to join us by clicking here.


Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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