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OLSP Leaderboard Tour And Points Explained

Hello! Great to have you here with us on my blog! Today’s blog post will cover the OLSP leaderboard and the OLSP points. We will cover where you can find the leaderboard and where you can see and track your points.

For those of you not familiar with OLSP – it is a free forever marketing training system second to none. the next thing that we go through we’ll go through this here leaderboard and you can see the prize many of the things we give away for being on this leaderboard.

just all you have to do to be on this leaderboard is share your bigger link that’s all you have to do the competition runs from the 1st to 31st of the month you can actually see the leaderboard so you can track your own points

The point of the points is that they are there to keep you committed to keep you motivated in fact and this guy at the top Neil Moran is a very good marketer but he is motivated by the points as much as anything else!

This is how well he wants to win same as Richard Mandy and many of the other top earners in OLSP. They’re all kind of vying for their positions because to some people the points become more important than the actual commissions when you get to a certain stage.

These people are at the top of their game. So yeah, they give away almost three thousand dollars worth of prizes to group members at the end of every month based on points.

Simply go inside your members’ area and click on the left-hand side where it says “Leaderboard”. You will find the live leaderboard. You can see how many active people there are you can see how many people are taking part, in fact, there’s over 100 there are hundreds of people taking part in it.

You can also see all the past leaderboards and see that they have been paying since July 8, 2020. This is how old the system is.

They also give points away for a lot of other things as well they give points sporadically through the month as well if someone’s close to reaching the next affiliate level they kind of give them bonus points and things to boost them up.

So I mentioned Neil, he won a thousand dollars, Richard won five hundred mandy won 300, Ida won 100….that’s how it goes.

Let’s run through the OLSP points here…You get one point for logging in each day. Because when you log in each day it means you’re committed and you’re learning you’re going through the training. So all the time they want to reward you. You get five points for using comment dominator and five points for each person you refer who joins the system and creates an account.

You also get one point for every dollar made one OLSP point for every dollar made. So if you make a thousand dollars you get a thousand points and you also get one point for every person your referrer brings in because they’re trying to build a community here.

They’re trying to help each other so if you help someone down below you that you’ve bought in build their team, you’ll get a point for everyone in their team. Other points are given out at different times so can you see all your points and can you see yourself on the leaderboard.

They also reward you with what we call an affiliate level

So all the points add up month after month and they take you through an affiliate level which is simply when you receive 50 points start level and everyone wants to be at the top level called “batman level” just for getting points.

The points and the leaderboard and how they reward and motivate you is simply fantastic! The system in the team does all the work for you all you have to do is share your mega link and invite them through your mega link to the Facebook group.

I hope that you found this post helpful. If you’d like to join OLSP, simply click the link here to get started.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside learning and growing.

Talk again soon! Have a great day!

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