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OLSP Dominators Overview And How to Join

Hello! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I have spoken about this before- the biggest problem that people have is traffic. It is the biggest problem in any business… where to get quality traffic, where to get enough website traffic.

I have someone who knows how to get traffic, and has an excellent system and shows you how to put your traffic for this on autopilot. 

With the products we have here in OLSP you can solve that problem. We can help solve that problem.

Now we realize serious people want more signups all the time and they want to grow their team hands-off. That’s what a lot of people want they want to grow their team, nurture their team, they want to get the leads just coming in steadily so they can help their team. They want to help them get through the training.

Well, we spend twenty thousand dollars a month on getting good steady traffic… When we started this it was ten thousand, we’re now at twenty plus thousand dollars a month and we want to share that traffic with you. 

Our goal is to spend fifty thousand dollars a month across my businesses I actually spend more than fifty thousand dollars a wedding but just on this we want to spend fifty thousand dollars a month is our goal and if there is one thing and we know better than anyone its traffic 

there’s one thing now I want to imagine this  think of this you don’t have to learn AdWords and spend the money on it and testing and just get it working or bing or native ads which cost thousands just to test or anything  we do it all for you 

we sort the traffic out for you we build your team all right we give you the points for the leaderboard as well and we even give you 100 commission on selected launchers when I launch products on my own we give you up to a hundred percent commissions. 

remember this – so people will be coming in and joining your team. anyone that purchases in your team you’ll be getting all streams of income still  we give you all sp perks  we also give you access as an sp dominator  so you can buy more traffic  so you can just buy traffic it just comes in

so imagine leads coming in every day, and your team growing,  and the aim is for your commissions to grow. You still have to go through and help these people. You still have to go through and make contact with them

Meanwhile, we get more people to your team and again because you’re getting all streams of income so when you make that first sale  that person is likely to buy our products again because they’re so fantastic 

Now with all that in mind that we share that traffic with you   The OLSP Dominator membership is basically paid traffic done for you, it’s paid traffic to your mega link. Think of it that way. OLSP Dominator costs just $99.

Remember again, that you’re going to have to work the leads. You have to speak to them reach out to them.

We asked people what OLSP Dominator is worth and you’ll see this inside the training some people saying hundreds of dollars on its own some people even said thousands.

But here’s the kicker, here’s the thing that pushes you over the edge. We also pay $33 commissions for anyone in your team who becomes an OLSP dominator so basically with just three members you get traffic every single month paid for you. 

You get that paid traffic every single month all right so anyone who joins OLSP Dominators pays 99 you will be getting it for basically free once you have three people locked into OLSP DOminators each of which earns you 33 dollar commissions. So 33 x 3 = 99. SO it is like getting yours free every month. Another example: if you get six people you actually be making a hundred dollars a month.

Now we’re always testing new traffic sources. We’re doing this all the time and you will know that sometimes traffic slows down, sometimes it speeds up, but everything in between. It’s because we’re testing with paid traffic we can only accept a limited number of OLSP Dominators per month. So join us now before space runs out

Here is what you need to do.

Go to your OLSP member area and on the bottom left there is a tab that says purchase OLSP Dominators $99 per month. Click the button there and join. Then, when your team starts signing up, your team will start building their own income and inviting others.

When they start building you can go to the meet your team tab, and then contact them and help move them through the training  

So that’s what Wayne- the owner and creator of OLSP Domination- had to say and teach us about why OLSP Dominators is a great way to get traffic for yourself and other members of your team so that you can let the traffic come in whilst you’re helping your team move along their own path to success.

If you want this massively powerful addition to Traffic Domination’s OLSP system to help you build your business, then click here to join us now, and then upgrade to OLSP Domination.

Thanks for reading.

Until I see you again, have a great day!

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