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Meet Your Team Mentoring And Support



Hello! Welcome to my blog! Today I’d like to speak with you about a free marketing training system called OLSP. If you do not know what that is you can keep reading or click the link here to learn more.


Today I wanted to take you through one great part of the OLSP system and that is the support that they give. Let’s talk about some support and meeting your team inside the training.


We’ve got this section called meet your team because some you know you think, “I need some help who do I ask?’ So you can click on the left-hand side in your members’ area on the tab that says “meet your team”.


There you can see your mentor – your upline – and you can click on their Facebook profile link to speak to them. so I’m looking at two things so you can literally click on the Facebook profile and speak with them you can also contact your upline by email.


You know their name, you’ve got their skype ID. So you can reach up for help. You’ve also got a support section here. So the first point of contact is always your mentor – the person that brought you into the group – to go to for help when you need it.


You can also get help in the Facebook group. There are 70 000 people inside the group that are willing to help you. You also have the second line of support when you’re really struggling is a VIP upline.


A VIP member is the top member They are the ones that have taken OLSP to the next level and are doing very very well with it. They have grown their skills and can be a huge resource for you. VIP members like Neil Moran and Mandy these types of people. They’ve gone to VIP level you can ask them for support.


The VIP above you you can connect with them instead of your direct upline because sometimes if your direct upline mentor may on holiday for a week or if they’ve got you into the system and for some reason, they’ve stopped they can be hard to get hold of. So if this happens you can go to your VIP upline instead.


You can reach out to the Facebook group we’ve got a support desk team and we’ve got three full-time support staff working for you as well. So you get all the support from your upline you need and from us and our support staff as well.


The next thing you can do is you can contact your team so you can literally go into your team you can see where they are with the training. You can see if they have done any training yet or not. So you know where they are in the training. You get all their contact details from when they joined up. How you got them and everything. So you can see everything on how you need to help your team members.


You can reach out to them and give them the help they need. It’s important to give people the help they need and reach up and get the help you need.


So that is the OLSP systems meet your team, mentoring, and support system explained. That’s what meets your team is all about and to help those of you brought in and to get the help you need depending on what stage you’re at.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and found it valuable. Feel free to join us by clicking here.


We are looking forward to helping everyone we can.


See you there!


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