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Getting Started & Finding Your Mega Link

Hello everyone! Today I will be showing you how to get started with OLSP and how to find your OLSP Mega Link.

There is a video on my blog post here that goes with this post if you care to watch it.

So when you first come into the OLSP system, there’s a nine-minute video. Watch that because it takes you through kind of what you’re learning now- how to go through the website.  It shows you how to make it work. It shows you some testimonials as well that prove numbers work and how you can see all those inside the group. So that’s an important little video nine minutes long.

In fact, I’ll show you what the people who see that come to come into the group you share the group with them they come into the group maybe first of all when they come in the first thing they see is the announcement tab.

When someone is new to the group, they are told to go watch the video and then they create an account that’s the first thing they do when they join our group.

Now the next thing when someone comes in the next part to learn is the dashboard.  This is actually where you get your mega link from guys so we go to the dashboard. What you can see there the OLSP leaderboard.

In your OLSP account, you will see tons of information about your business Such as how far you are through the free training units. Your mega link is the link you share is the mega link that is the magic link that drops all the OLSP magic. This tells your points and your sign up points.

There is a lot of information here so that you can keep track of your progress, your referrals progress, and can see how your business is doing. If you like what you have read here and liked the video, then please click here to join us at OLSP.

Until we talk again, have a great day!

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